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tooble: dvr for the internet

Tooble, an application I downloaded a few months ago for a project and then forgot, is a really useful tool that I’m trying to remember to take advantage of more. The self-proclaimed DVR of the internet, Tooble lets you download videos from almost any URL to watch later on your computer, iPhone, iPod or iPad. It’s really fast too, and saves a lot of time that I used to spend streaming video online. (I remembered Tooble when I got sick of the “Buffering” message trying to stream Dexter reruns over break). 

To use Tooble, all you have to do is paste the URL of the video you want to download, wait (a very short amount of time, usually) and the file will open in your iTunes. You can then save it or watch it, that easy.

To download Tooble, click here



Marketing in the future is like sex. Only the losers will have to pay for it.

google’s favorite places and upcode

I was eating at Mama’s Boy this weekend (yummm)… 

…sitting right outside the front door, when I noticed they had a sticker next to the door handle. So, I took a picture of it with my phone:

Maybe I haven’t been that observant, but I have never seen this sticker before. I’d heard of Favorite Places on Google, but realized I didn’t know much about it, so I decided to check it out.

Google has identified more than 100,000 business in the U.S. as “Favorite Places” based on their users’ interactions with the business listings. As a reward for being a favorite place, Google is sending each business this window decal, each with its own unique QR code that directs you to read reviews, star the business as your own favorite and more.

Google lists three ways places become favorites:

-Businesses unlock their free business listing with Google Places, which allows them to enhance the content of their listings with photos, correct hours, offers and more.

-People search for these places on Google and Google Maps more than anywhere else

-People look for information about these business, driving directions, etc. more than they do other places

Pretty nifty. Google also says it will be sending out more window decals in waves as more businesses fit the criteria. For a video showcasing the window decals in action, click here.

This brings me to my next topic of discussion: QR codes. I’ve known about them for a while, loved them, looked at them, but somehow never actually scanned them. I realized this when I took a photo of the decal but didn’t scan its QR code. 

So I finally downloaded UpCode for Blackberry, and now I’m obsessed with scanning every code in sight.

To download UpCode, you can visit on your phone browser or you can send a blank text to +358 50 3100075You can also download the software from the UpCode site. 

If you need a QR code to test out your new reader, check out this one:

(created at this website)



RSS: great blogs to follow



The difference between PR and social media is that PR is about positioning, and social media is about becoming, being and improving.
Chris Brogan, author of “Trust Agents” (from Mirna Bard’s 99 Favorite Social Media Quotes and Tips)



a hunter shoots a bear

This YouTube video, “A hunter shoots a bear,” is absolutely amazing. I have no idea how they made this happen, but it really demonstrates how YouTube is evolving and offering more video creativity.

Just when you think you’re watching just a random YouTube video where a hunter is about to shoot a bear, he realizes he can’t do it and does a little YouTube magic (see below). 

I’m pretty sure we’ll soon see moves like this on YouTube everyday (they’ve already been seen on channels like that of the Expendables, which you can read more on in my post about 10 of my favorite social media campaigns). 

But what I have never seen before is what happens next. The hunter picks up the eraser from the ad, erases the word “shoots” in the title of the video in which he lives, and yells at his viewers to type a new word in its place. 

When you type in a new word in the title of the video, you will then see that scenario played out on the screen. It took me several tries before I typed in a word that the video could not play. This is just really cool, and makes me excited to see what new trick for YouTube someone will come up with next.



Haha Damn You, AutoCorrect is hilarious. Thanks GoKTGo!

Haha Damn You, AutoCorrect is hilarious. Thanks GoKTGo!



From The Bad Pitch Blog, love this!

From The Bad Pitch Blog, love this!



exporting your LinkedIn contacts



I was just recently clued in to a feature that I wish I had known about when I first started my online “rolidex.” LinkedIn has a feature that allows you to export all of your contacts and their email addresses into an Excel document, and it’s also super easy. 

To export your contacts, log in to your account and then go to this link:

This is the screen you’ll see: 

Don’t change the .CSV option, and all you have to do is enter the captcha code and click export. Voila, all of your LinkedIn contacts in one document.

#pr20chat with @badpitch


Last night was my first time joining #pr20chat on Twitter (Tuesdays @ 8pm EDT). After getting over the overwhelming flood of responses and information – a thousand tweets in the first thirty minutes – I really enjoyed the discussion. Aside from learning that TweetChat is an absolute must, I also thought I’d recap some of my favorite tweets here, while giving credit where it’s due to the smart PR sources they came from. In answer to the following questions…


Is the press release dead?


@zakmoThe press release is a tool that’s only as effective as the person using it


@JGoldsborough: Release is a supporting role. The relationship and pitch (whatever form it takes) are the stars of the show


@prblogI’m devil’s advocate here on news releases. I think we need to push the format and not let it stop our creativity 


@drewhslater: The press release will forever have it’s own place, but a PR pro shouldn’t think job is done because they sent one


Is there a difference between blogger outreach and media outreach?


@WorobIf anything, we need to start treating media more like we would bloggers. Customize pitches, get to the point, pray


@badpitch: Everyone - including lot of us - is media now. No discerning. If the person reaches who you want to get “to,” media


@prblogwindow of opp with media vs. blogger. blogger is not on deadline. blogger wants relationship — more than rolodex


@snepromo Relationship building is relevant in both mediums


Is it acceptable for brands to pay bloggers? If so, under what circumstances?


@LTreuI think it’s like the sponsored trends on Twitter. If you know someone paid for it, it’s on the receiver to weigh that fact


@JGoldsboroughMost blog communities don’t have a prob with it. Disclosure a must. Also, knowing blogger, his/her rep maters. R they trusted?

What are some ‘new’ skills you think PR people need to learn or brush up on, and how should colleges update curricula to prepare students for today’s PR world?


@KarenRussell: I think PRs can never read/learn enough


@cloudspark: also, pr needs to learn to integrate w/ all marketing functions and understand bottom-line biz goals 


@bloggerblkbookDisclosure….taught by @KarenRussell at UGA. Best education: hands on experience as. much. as. possible. 


@ElizHoltan: PR programs need to emphasize hands-on experience while providing a background in theory and research


@JGoldsborough: Integrated approach. Selling concepts and ideas first, then showing how to execute via channels. Ditch tactic-only thinking


@badpitch: I think being more of a source and less of a “mouthpiece” is a new skill we all have to become excellent at—now


How can we help decision-makers understand that traditional communication silos are ineffective?


@badpitch: Always show competitive audit when having SM convos w/ clients. Competition will get their attn


@sue_anne: It’s a show not tell. Find out who your decision makers really want to reach and then show them the results


@WBernuyNot too sound too competitive, but if your decision-maker JUST WONT get it. Maybe their competition will 


What are best practices for pitching reporters/bloggers via social media? 


@KarenRussell Find out what they need and find a way to provide it 


@Sue_Anne: SM is great for building the relationship leading up to the pitch. Use email and/or phone for actual pitch


@rochellveturis: Pitch via e-mail. Setup Twitter list 2 track contacts, follow up w/ those u know via DM


What’s the worst pitch you’ve ever seen? Common characteristics of bad pitches? 


@prblog: Most of the bad pitches arent bad. Theyre just poorly targeted. A brilliant pitch can be bad sent to wrong outlet

@LauraN546The worst pitch I ever got was via text. Please do not do that. Ever. This person used “u” as if we were childhood pals 


@jeffespo Dear Name. Thought you might like our product 


How can we avoid being “outed” for a bad pitch on the infamous Bad Pitch Blog?


@msbruschettaResearch, think strategically, research, write sans grammar errors, research, conduct media relations, research, proofread